Libra is municipal management consulting network. Our team includes a variety of professionals with a wide range of public, private, academic and governmental planning experience. The Libra team originated in Newport, RI, while working on municipal planning projects. The City of Newport Planning Board, staffed by Peter Friedrichs and chaired by Kim Salerno, embarked on a series of planning initiatives with the assistance of consultants. Together they developed engagement strategies, plan content and action items for the city’s North End area plan. The plan and its ensuing zoning amendment were codified into law with near-unanimous community support. This partnership paved the way for future planning collaboration. Planning projects benefit from broad-based expertise. Libra has the breadth of experience to shape beautiful and meaningful environments. We share a passion for great design. Quality of life is central to our work. With applicable degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Smith College, Connecticut College, University of Chicago and Harvard University, our team is well prepared.
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